Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup

Venues & dates are subject to confirmation.

The information on each venue should be used as a guide only. Each venue has natural trail that changes depending on ground conditions.Sport category will be on a shorter lap with fewer stages. The stages may be the same as the main race or can be modified.

Round 1 – Bellurgan Park, Lumpers – 1/2nd April 2017

Bellurgan Park in Co Louth is a private woodland in the heart of the Cooley mountains. The perfect place to set up the race village. Only a stone’s throw from the already popular Lumpers trails these stages will get the juices flowing. Existing classic trails mixed in with some fresh stuff.

Main race – 5 x 2-5min stages, 18km lap, fitness 6/10, skill 7/10

Sport – 3 x 2-5min stages, 12km lap, fitness 5/10, skill 7/10

Round 2 – Donard Park – 20/21st May 2017

Without doubt Donard has some of the best trails in the country. If it’s a challenge you are after then you will find it here. It’s the week before the Irish EWS so you never know who you could be rubbing shoulders with! New sections and stages await you.

Main race – 5 x 3-7min stages, 18km lap, fitness 8/10, skill 9/10

Sport – 3 x 3-7min stages, 12km lap, fitness 7/10, skill 8/10

Round 3 – Bigwood – 5/6th August 2017

Bigwood near Warrenpoint is set in the grounds of the idyllic Narrow water Castle. Always the favourite on the circuit because of the easy transitions and natural flowy singletrack. Some new sections planned as always to keep the locals on their toes.

Main race – 6 x 2-6min stages, 18km lap, fitness 6/10, skill 8/10

Sport – 4 x 2-6min stages, 13km lap, fitness 5/10, skill 8/10

Round 4 – Castlewellan – 16/17th September 2017

Castlewellan has a reputation as being easy but don’t be deceived. We’ve always thrown in plenty of natural trails and the best parts of the trail centre to challenge any rider. The stages will be somewhat shorter than previous races as we plan to eliminate some of the pedally trail entre finishes, but not them all!!

Main race – 6 x 2-5min stages, 20km lap, fitness 7/10, skill 7/10

Sport – 4 x 2-5min stages, 14km lap, fitness 6/10, skill 7/10


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